All You Need to Know About Ischemic Heart Diseases

Written by Piper Morris. Posted in Medical News

Ischemic heart diseases can seem like serious health problems, but they can be treated by adopting a healthy lifestyle, and by taking the proper medication. The key to healing is to determine the symptoms that might indicate such a condition, and to go to your doctor as fast as possible. Furthermore, people should avoid exposing themselves to certain situations that can aggravate their condition. After all, this illness is the cause of most of the deaths worldwide, so proper measures should be taken.

Which are the leading causes of an Ischemic heart disease?

Ischemic heart diseases manifest through chest pains that are caused when the heart does not receive the proper amount of blood. This condition, which is also known as Coronary heart disease, occurs when people are very excited, or when they make too much physical effort. It starts developing when the cholesterol that exists in our blood accumulates in the arteries which supply our heart with blood. So, the arteries are blocked and the blood flow decreases, which reduces the amount of oxygen that our heart needs.

Which are the signs that indicate an ischemic heart disease?

The decrease in blood flow may lead to various symptoms that can have different intensities among persons who suffer from this condition, and that can be experienced occasionally and even daily. Chest pains clammy skin, shortness of breath, nausea, chest pressure and shoulder or arm pain are the factors that can indicate the existence of a heart condition.

How to reduce the risks of developing such a condition?

There are certain factors that can increase the risk of getting ill. Therefore, you must pay attention to your family medical history, and you must control your diabetes and your obesity problems. Ischemic heart diseases can be prevented from appearing by opting for a healthy lifestyle, so focus on that if you want to have a long and happy life. Furthermore, you must maintain your cholesterol and your normal blood pressure, and you have to monitor your blood triglyceride level.

Treating the Coronary heart disease

Seeking medical help is the first thing you must do after realizing that you might suffer from a heart disease. Ischemic heart diseases can be treated with drug therapy such that includes ACE inhibitors, which have the role to lower blood pressure, anti-ischemic agents, drugs which prevent blood clots from forming, statins, nitrates and many other other available medicines.

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