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Hospital Air Quality Standards

Written by Addelyn Rogers. Posted in Medical News

Considering that hospitals are areas where everything must be in perfect state, with strict hygiene standards and impeccable cleanliness, every patient expects to be treated in a proper environment that will help them feel better and not to worsen their health conditions. This is why even the air in the hospital must be clean so that it will not transport airborne diseases that could endanger the lives of the patients, therefore the healthcare professionals and the cleaning staff must preserve a high air quality standard inside the hospital.

Visitors must follow some hygiene rules

The hospitals and the healthcare facilities have special needs when it comes to the quality of the air because the patients are vulnerable to any contaminant that might get in contact with them. Therefore, the foreign visitors must follow some rules when they come to visit a patient in order to maintain a proper air quality inside the hospital and to keep outdoor contaminants from infecting the sterile areas. These rules include wearing sterile robes and gloves when they enter a hospital room and washing their hands with sanitizer to reduce the risks of spreading common pollutants such as particles from traffic, tobacco smoke, dust, pollen, bacteria and fungal spores. These safety and hygiene measures help the healthcare professional detect and maintain the proper air quality that will encourage the healing process.

Strict rules in the contagious areas of the hospital

Every room and every medical instrument must be thoroughly disinfected so that patients will not be exposed to any bacteria and virus that might develop and travel through the hospital. The breathing air is a great way to spread for many bacteria and viruses inside the hospital, especially since there are contagious people treated in the hospital every day. This is why the contagious diseases have strict rules of quarantine and the hygiene kept here must be very rigorous to make sure the contaminants do not reach other areas of the hospital. The rooms must be firmly locked in the contagious areas and the access must be restricted for medical professionals only to reduce the risk of spreading the contaminants through the air, the clothes or the hands of the person who gets into contact with the patients.

The air purifiers ensure a high standard of purity

To maintain a high level of quality of the indoor air, hospitals rely on the efficiency of the air purifiers that can filter the breathing air and remove the contaminants and pollutants existing in it. The air purifiers can retain 99.99% of the irritants and particles from the air due to their powerful filters that absorb and retain even microscopic particles smaller than 0.3 microns. This feature of the air purifiers makes them extremely reliable in maintaining a high standard in the hospital air. If you take a look at some reviews on, you will notice that these devices are designed for dealing with different types of air contaminants. Household air purifiers are usually less efficient than the ones designed specifically for hospitals.

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