Can Unflued Gas Heaters Put Your Health at Risk?

Written by Piper Morris. Posted in Medical News

A gas heater still remain the most popular heating system but also the most dangerous if it is not carefully installed and maintained. Like any product using gas, these means of heating and cooling should be used and handled with the greatest care in full compliance with safety standards. The gas fumes that spread in a home can have serious consequences on the health of its occupants. Here are some tips to detect and prevent any combustion gas emanation.

All you need to know about unflued gas heaters

The gas heating system owes its success to a multitude of benefits, it is affordable and provides comfort to its user. However, gas heaters have a major disadvantage: they produce heat by burning gas fuels. As a result, water vapors and several air pollutants are released once the gas fuel is burnt. The main difference between a flued gas heater and a unflued one is that while the flued gas heater vents the air pollutants through a flue or chimney, the unflued gas heater releases them into your house. As a consequence, the unflued gas heater causes indoor air pollution which can be dangerous to your health.

Indoor pollution caused by unflued gas heaters

Unflued gas heater release air pollutants in your home, such as NO2 (nitrogen dioxide) and CO (carbon monoxide). There are several warning signs that can suggest a CO and NO2 poisoning such as headaches, dizziness, nausea, etc., especially when they affect many people occupying the same room equipped with a combustion device. In this case, it is essential to immediately ventilate the room by opening doors and windows, then to evacuate the place.

Why is it so dangerous?

CO is an invisible gas: colorless, odorless and non-irritating that spreads very quickly in the environment. After being inhaled, it binds to red blood cells instead of oxygen and can be fatal in less than an hour. In case of serious (chronic or acute) cases, people sometimes keep lifelong consequences: chronic migraines or neurological diseases (impaired motor coordination, paralysis of all forms). These poisonings are suspected of disrupting the brain development of children, including their intellectual functioning.

Prevention measures

To reduce the risk of CO poisoning you need to have the unflued gas heater systematically checked and maintained by a qualified professional. Also, try to ventilate your home for at least 10 minutes every day. If you plan to purchase a gas heater, make sure it is installed correctly and functioning properly. However, a better solution is to install an infrared heater. Infrared heaters produce heat which is similar to the heat of the sun and have many benefits. Besides being energy efficient, these infrared heaters are more safe to use because they don’t emit any dangerous air pollutants. Therefore, we recommend to replace the unflued gas heater with a practical infrared heater. If you don’t know what type of infrared heater is suited for your home, read some reviews and do some research. On you will find professional reviews that will help you understand the advantages as well as the disadvantages of the best rated infrared heaters of the moment.

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