Is it Safe to Remove Skin Tags at Home?

Written by Piper Morris. Posted in Medical News

Skin tags don’t represent a serious medical condition, but they are very unaesthetic, which can affect one’s self-confidence significantly. Everybody knows how important looks are, and the reality is that an attractive person has better chances to get a job interview, make new friends and obtain more facilities than those who have a less appealing aspect. Skin problems might make you look like a threat for those who surround you because since people are afraid of catching a disease, they prefer to stay away from someone with unhealthy skin. But is it safe to remove skin tags at home?

Removing skin growths

We can have many skin tag removal techniques on the Internet, but although some claim that they are effective, the truth is that they can cause serious adverse reactions. There are cases in which people recommend cutting of these bumps, which is the worst thing someone could do to improve his aspect. Others suggest applying lemon, garlic or tomato paste, and some even might encourage readers to tie a piece of dental floss around the skin tag to cause it to dry and fall off. Here are the consequences of these questionable methods:
  • No matter how sterile the equipment that you use to cut a skin tag is, your immunity system might not be strong enough to fight the tiniest germs and viruses. Therefore, you are very prone to bleeding and developing infections and other complications that might affect the entire area which surrounds the tag.
  • Homemade skin tag treatments like garlic or tomatoes paste can be too astringent for sensitive skin, so they may lead to skin rashes, irritations, and eruptions.

The best solution for removing skin tags

The safest and most effective solution for removing skin tags is to use a professional skin tag remover. This type of product is tested for side effects, so unlike homemade remedies that can’t guaranty anyone that will work, it will help you improve your aspect without exposing yourself to any risks. However, keep in mind that there may be over-the-counter skin tag remover products that contain ingredients which can cause adverse reactions to people who have a low tolerance for a certain compound. Therefore, we advise you to read the label before deciding on a certain brand of skin tag removal cream. Only that way you will be able to find out if there are any ingredients that can cause you harm. Depending on the area where you want to apply the treatment, you should consult with your physician for learning the implications of using such a product.

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