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Medical Breakthroughs of 2013

Written by Piper Morris. Posted in Medical News

The year 2013 is done, and we’re looking forward to the developments of 2014 and what it has to bring. There have been many discoveries last year, but today we want to focus on some of the most impressive medical breakthroughs of 2013. This is a subject that concerns and interests us all, even if we are currently healthy. Although Western medicine is quite evolved and has managed to solve some important health problems for us, there are still enough issues to concern us yet, not to mention that new diseases or conditions are also discovered all the time.
  • Parkinson’s Disease – This is a difficult condition, a neurodegenerative disease that causes the patient to lose control of their limbs and shake uncontrollably; this is just one of the main symptoms, and others may include the loss of smell, or a rigidity of facial expression. The medical breakthroughs of 2013 related to this disease are the discovery of a method that helps detect Parkinson’s at a much earlier stage, and it is suspected the method could function with Alzheimer’s as well. The test is done by collecting a panel of spinal fluid from the patient.
  • In vitro fertility – One of the most popular treatments in recent years, because more and more people suffer from fertility issues that leave them unable to conceive by natural means. There are many ways in which a person can remain pregnant, but so far medicine has had its limits; if a woman’s eggs were poor quality, or non-existent, there was nothing science could do to get her pregnant with her own children. However, in 2013, scientists have developed a method that allows and helps women produce healthy eggs that can then be successfully fertilized. The process is named in vitro activation and it was developed by researchers from the Stanford University.
  • Clostridium dificile – This is a disease that many patients contract in hospitals, and it has to do with poor hygiene, dirty surfaces, and other microbial sources that people come in contact with. It is also a cause for numerous medical negligence claims, even if hospital staff do their best to keep everything sterile; Clostridium dificile leads to diarrhea and even a fatal inflammation of the colon. On a different note, it is known that with many bowel issues, an uncommon treatment is excrement from a healthy patient, which is why a doctor had the incredible idea of creating a “poop pill”, meaning a pill that contains fecal bacteria which is good for the organism, and which actually helps us fight bacteria that causes grave harm.
These are just a few of the medical breakthroughs of 2013, and they’re just a preview to what our science can accomplish; even if taken one by one these developments don’t seem like much, when put together they offer a panoramic understanding of what great progress we’ve made and how much is yet to come.

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